"Bulk Dried organic Juniper berries supplied by Organic Juniper"

Dried organic juniper berries

dried organic juniper berries

Dried organic juniper berries are in high demand as the consumption of artisan gins continues to grow. Contact us if you are experiencing problems accessing a reliable source of organic juniper berries to flavour your gin or need a reliable and consistent supplier of dried juniper berries.

Organic Juniper's team is passionate about growing and harvesting only the best organic juniper berries. Their berries are grown on over 2000 hectares of land in the mountainous regions of Goliya and Rogozna in Serbia. Because they grow in unspoiled wildlife areas, miles from any industrial pollution, you can be sure that these juniper berries are a genuine organic crop and are certified as such.

Once harvested, the juniper berries are taken to our processing plant at Zica, situated close to a 12th century monastery. Although surrounded by stunning landscapes and centuries of history, the method used to process the ripe berries is very much 21st century.

First, the juniper berries are visually scanned to remove any under or over ripe specimens and then the berries are washed before being closed dried at low temperatures in one of three state of the art drying cabinets. Up to three tonnes of juniper berries can be dried a day, so Organic Juniper is well equipped to supply wholesale markets and bulk buyers. Our drying cabinets are programmable to dehydrate the crop to any moisture levels required by our customers.

Dried juniper berries have been used for thousands of years. At one time, juniper was considered to have magical properties, hence the number of legends attached to the plant. Today, juniper berries are best known for their use in distilleries, but the organic berries are also widely used for medicinal, cosmetic and culinary purposes.

If you are looking for a reliable source of dried organic juniper berries, contact Organic Juniper who will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

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