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Fresh Organic Juniper berries

fresh juniper berries

Juniper berries are an important ingredient in gin distillation and sales of gin in the UK and Europe are growing year on year. Many distillers find the British crop is not sufficient to meet their demands, especially as it takes three years for the berries to ripen, so they are buying quality juniper berries from other sources.

Organic Juniper harvests juniper berries from over 2000 hectares of land in Serbia where the berries thrive in the unspoiled mountainous regions of Goliya and Rogozna, well away from any industrial pollution. The berries gradually change from green to black when they are ready to be picked.

Once harvested, the juniper berries are taken to our state-of-the-art processing plant at Zica. There, our dedicated team visually inspects the crop and under or overripe berries, plus any needles and bits of twig, are removed. Only first-grade berries are chosen for our fresh and dried product. After they are washed, those that are to be dried are moved into one of three ultra-modern drying chambers which have the capacity to process three tonnes of berries a day. Our fresh juniper berries are packed straight away to preserve their freshness.

Although only first grade berries go into our fresh and dried products, the second and third grade juniper berries are not wasted. These are crushed to produce essential oil of juniper for medicinal and cosmetic use.

Organic Juniper’s team takes great pride in their ability to work closely with their clients and they are able to process the juniper berries to meet the exacting standards expected in today’s world market.

If you are looking for superb quality, wholesale organic juniper berries, contact Organic Juniper who will be pleased to discuss their production and processing methods with you.

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