"Organic dried apple rings supplied by Organic Juniper"

Organic dried apple rings

dried apple rings

Dried apples are increasingly in demand in wholefoods and breakfast cereals, thanks to an increasingly health conscious population with an interest in how their food is produced. Some of the best organic dried apples are produced by Organic Juniper, based in Serbia. The company's ultra modern processing plant is at Zica, in the Kraljevo area of Serbia. The area is renowned for the quality of its apples, grown on land which is miles away from any industrial pollution.

Organic Juniper specialises in drying apples, as well as pears, raspberries and juniper berries. After careful harvesting, the apples are taken to Organic Juniper's state-of-the-art drying cabinets where up to 1.5 tonnes of apple rings can be dried a day.

Although a number of different varieties of dried apple are produced, Organic Juniper's dedicated team is particularly proud of their Golden Delicious and Granny Smith mix. This gives just the right sweet and sour taste combination, making the dried apple rings ideal for adding to breakfast cereals, perfect for both cakes and savoury dishes, or delicious for snacking at any time of day.

The nutritional attributes and health benefits of apples are well known and organic dried apple rings are used by many UK manufacturers for jams, juices, jellies and compotes. For centuries, apples have been dried in the sun and enjoyed by generations of people around the world during the winter months. It is pleasing that a traditional method has been updated with the use of modern, low temperature drying cabinets so that dried apple rings can be enjoyed all year round.

If you are looking for a quality source of wholesale organic dried apples, contact Organic Juniper who will be pleased to discuss their full product range and competitive supply terms.

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