"Organic dried raspberries supplied by Organic Juniper"

Organic dried raspberries

organic dried raspberries

What happens when you combine an ideal climate, fertile soil, high quality seed and farmers with years of experience? The answer is quite simply the most tasty and fragrant raspberries available. Welcome to Serbia, the capital of 'red gold', the production of which in 2015 propelled Serbia into 1st. place in the world of raspberry exporters, shipping over 100,000 tons of raspberries during that year.

Organic Juniper produces organic dried raspberries at its state-of-the-art drying facility in Zica, Serbia. Raspberries are known as ‘red gold’ in Serbia and the fruit that we use is grown in idyllic countryside that is miles away from any industrial pollution.

Serbia is currently one of the world’s biggest growers of raspberries and Organic Juniper dries and exports bulk dried raspberries as part of this international venture. Ultra modern drying cabinets are used, where one ton of raspberries a day can be dried at low temperatures to retain the natural look and flavour of the fruit.

Raspberries have been popular for thousands of years and organic dried raspberries are a wonderful way to enjoy the fruit all year round. Organic dried raspberries are used in the UK and Europe for jams, jellies, compotes and drinks, as well as by pharmaceutical companies and the cosmetics industry.

If you are looking for a quality source of bulk organic dried raspberries, contact Organic Juniper who will be pleased to discuss their full product range and competitive supply terms.

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