"Organic Juniper berry essential oil supplied by Organic Juniper"

Organic juniper berry essential oil

organic juniper berry essential oil

Looking for a certified supply of quality organic juniper berry essential oil? Organic Juniper is the company to contact because their juniper berries are grown, harvested and processed into organic juniper oil to the highest standards.

Organic Juniper harvests juniper berries from 2000 hectares of unspoilt land in the mountains and highland areas of Goliya, Rogozna and Pester in Serbia. This part of Serbia is so far from any pollutants that the berries can readily be certified as organic.

The ripe, black berries are taken to Organic Juniper’s state of the art processing plant at Zica where an expert and dedicated team scan the crop and remove any berries which are either unripe or too ripe for processing. The first class berries are sold fresh or dried at low temperatures in ultra-modern drying cabinets to produce up to three tones of dried juniper a day.

The berries which are not approved for drying are minced to produce organic juniper essential oil which can be used for a variety of purposes. The smell of juniper berry oil is reminiscent of pine and for centuries its aromatic scent has been a popular way of sweetening and refreshing rooms throughout the house as well as in hospitals and schools.

Juniper essential oil is an intense product, but used sparingly it can add a delightful flavour to strong meats such as venison. And of course, juniper berries are used extensively to flavour gin which is currently enjoying a revival among enthusiastic artisan producers. Organic Juniper’s staff is equally passionate about the ways they prepare and process the Serbian juniper berries to ensure you have an authentic organic product.

Contact Organic Juniper if you are a wholesaler or bulk buyer of juniper essential oil to discuss how to obtain the finest quality organic juniper oil.

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