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Juniper production

The production process begins with classification of juniper berries. These are put through our sorting tool which separates the berries from the impurities: needles, green and overripe berries.

bulk juniper berries

Once the classification is completed, first class berries (calibrated 6-8) go into the dryers. Packaging and storages follows.

juniper essential oil

Second and third-class berries are minced and used for the production of essential juniper oils.

dried organic juniper berries

Fruit production

The process begins with visual quality inspection of the fruit. It is then washed and prepared for drying. Following the drying process the next stage is packaging and storage. We have the capability to dehydrate the fruit to any desired moisture level.

juniper berries wholesale

We are a young team of people who are extremely passionate about the quality of our produce. Customer satisfaction is our main objective. We employ the latest technologies and techniques to achieve excellence in our products.

organic juniper berry essential oil
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